'EUNOIA' Hipster Low-Waist Panties

'EUNOIA' Hipster Low-Waist Panties

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Crafted in smooth stretch fabric with the vibrant colors of our signature print. Featuring a ribbed belt for a sport feeling and a see through back in dark blue Italian mesh fabric to enhance your feminine side. With simple minimal lines and sporty feeling, this lingerie piece is designed to fit your busy days and make you stand out with a trendy print.

Pair with our printed top or choose some of our basic items to mix and match. They are all designed to complement each other perfectly.

If you are interested in a product that is currently out of stock, feel free to contact us for a custom order. We will be happy to make something for you!


*За доставки с наложен платеж, свържете се с нас.

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