The Creatives: Tanya and Vesela from Бeбeshore

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Бебеshore is the story of two mothers who share a passion to design beautifully crafted baby clothes inspired by architecture and minimal design. Their idea is to create a different product for all those parents who want their kids to learn the beauty of the minimal design and to look great, of course.


What do you find the most exciting in your work process?

Undoubtedly the photo shoots. We always plan them in advance, but almost never things go by our thoughtful plan. Just imagine how difficult is to dress a little kid in a romper while it is bursting with energy and find other 100 things more interesting and curious than posing for a shoot! In the end we become clowns that have to entertain the kids with clapping or doing funny faces in order to keep them in one place for a little while. We have to admit that we really enjoy all this hectic atmosphere! But the biggest joy is when we finally receive the shots!


It all started from the baby espadrilles that Tanya was designing and sewing herself. How did you decide to do clothing and other accessories as well?

These espadrilles! I instantly fell in love with them! I have never seen espadrilles for babies and of course, I had to buy a pair for my son. Then I understood that Tanya does baby clothes as her hobby as well. I loved them because they were really different from everything out there. So I offered to develop her idea together and start a brand for baby clothes. One summer morning two years ago we decided to create 'бебеshore'. The name came to us in the summer as well, apparently the good ideas are all evolved around it!

How do you manage to work so smoothly in a team?
Every team has its own ups and downs, but we have found a common language from the beginning - sharing common ideas and going in one direction. Of course, we also have moments in which we disagree, but this happens in every partnership. We believe that two is better than one!

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Why fashion for children?
If you’ve ever looked for kids clothes, you’ve probably noticed it is hard to find products that stand out and are comfortable to wear but at the same time have minimal design and are similar to your own style of dressing. Preferably without baby pink or blue colors and a cheesy print. We just couldn’t find what we were looking for so we decided to create it ourselves. We thought that the Bulgarian market lacks of baby clothes with minimal design combined with high-quality natural materials. A casual, yet stylish look, with a focus on the design and the details - this is what makes 'бебеshore' different from the rest.

What are the biggest challenges for an aspiring young brand such as yours?
A very big challenge is to design an original product that is of high quality, but at the same time has an affordable price. The next step is to successfully put it on the market by encouraging, educating and convincing the customers to enjoy and adopt the new product.

What are the good and bad sides of working as a creative in Bulgaria and developing a business here? Have you ever thought to relocate somewhere abroad?
It is extremely difficult to find quality materials in Bulgaria and those outside of Bulgaria are much more expensive which would make the final product’s price too high for the market here. We strive to teach our customers that when the products have a good quality they cost more money. We haven’t thought of working abroad, but we do want to make the brand more recognizable in Europe and beyond. This is our next goal!


Where do you get inspiration for the new models?
Children inspire us! How energetic, spontaneous and active they are. That is why the ability to move freely is one of our main goals when designing clothes. We mix monochromatic colors and urban style, trying to create a clean look and unique aesthetics that can highlight every kid’s purity and innocence. Бебеshore is created for naughty, cheerful and playful children, which we call bebsters.

As architecture and design lovers, share your favorite places in Sofia and beyond.

The urban environment is very important for our creative ideas and their realization. The places that we use for photoshoots have a very distinctive character and style. We shot a campaign on the streets of Sofia, amongst the greenery of the Royal Garden, the Palace, Street chefs, Hlebar, Mosaik and a very interesting place that is out of sight - the Swimming Pool Gallery. In the past year, we were invited to visit Brave Moustache for our Spring / Summer collection and for the launch of the Autumn / Winter collection we had an event at Drekka. For Christmas, we enjoyed a very artistic atmosphere at the A + Gallery. These are all places that we treasure, filled with lovely memories. Plovdiv is also a favorite city of ours. The atmosphere, the people, everything is more laid-back and relaxed.


What are the next things you’re going to surprise us with?
There are a lot of surprises, but the most exciting thing is that we will be launching clothes for 3-4 year-old kids this summer. We remain true to our style and we will rely on the clean minimal design with emphasis on the details. The Spring / Summer collection, which we are working on now, will feature our favorite denim, but this time it will be on prints.

Sianna Marinova