The Creatives: Lavinia Cernau

In today's interview, we'd like to present you a Romanian photographer Lavinia Cernau who we've met through Instagram while being mutually impressed by each other's work. A quick look at her Instagram shows the delicate photos of a curious, creative and detail oriented artist that loves to travel. At least this is how we're imagining Lavinia. That is why we've invited her for a chat with us to discuss the art and design scene in Romania and the Balkans and talk about inspiration and photography. All that complemented with her beautiful photography - see her visual interpretation of our ribbed bodysuit in a summery, sensual setting below!

Find more of Lavinia's work at:  Instagram   I   Website

Hi, Lavinia, can you tell us when did you find your love for photography and knew that this is what you want to do. What was your background before that?

It started slowly but surely with Instagram – a cliché nowadays, isn’t it – but it’s the truth. I slowly honed an eye for photography feeding myself millions of photos to this day. It all clicked together when people started to react to what I was posting and wanted to work with me. It’s a continuous process of learning, experimenting and drawing inspiration.

My background is in translations studies – I loved languages ever since I was little, I love how they immerse you in the culture of the country and let you discover its origins and history.

We’ve met through Instagram, is this your favourite social media? In what ways has Instagram helped or influenced you throughout your journey?

Yes, you might say that, of all social media, a lot of time (maybe too much) is going to Instagram. It’s helped me grow to what I am today and though it has changed to not being the fun app it used to be, I changed with it – I developed a creative side and a love for the visual which I didn’t really think I had. Now I think of Instagram like a place to show my work mainly, but I do post daily stuff too.

What is your favourite part of the day?

Early morning must be my favorite part of the day – I love getting up early in all the quietness and step into the day and all it can offer if you wake up early enough to get it. I won’t lie, my cat has a thing or two to do with this – he’s my fluffy alarm clock.

You live in Romania and as a neighboring country to Bulgaria, we are really curious to know what is your opinion on how the art and design scene is developing there?

I think the Romanian art and design scene has grown to be a fresh and vibrant one – I see many emerging artists – whether ceramicists, clothes makers or rug makers – being bold in drawing their inspiration both from contemporary art and Romanian traditions.

What is the last design object or art piece in general (digital or tangible) that truly inspired you?

I’m at this point in my visual story path where I find form and geometry really influence the way I try to capture things. Romanian traditional art and motifs are also a great source of enthusiasm for me; I adore the work of Brâncuși and The Kiss is an all-time favourite.

Where are you searching for inspiration when you feel stuck? Do you have a role model to look up to?

I try not to overthink too much whenever lack of inspiration strikes. I find being outdoors recharges me as nature has a way of emptying your mind when you let it. Ideas come flowing and you are suddenly refreshed; at least that’s the case with me. I also draw inspiration from the great photographers – who doesn’t love the work of Bresson, Salgado, Annie Leibovitz, Richard Avedon or Lee Miller.

We love seeing Romania through your eyes! What is your favourite place in the country where you would take us? It could be your favourite restaurant or off-the-beaten-path natural view! We just love hearing about hidden places only the locals would know and keep them in mind for future visits.

Thank you, that’s very nice of you to say. I believe the Balkan countries deserve a little bit more spotlight than they are currently getting. Romania is a land of contrasts and that’s adding to its charm. Since nature is where I feel best, I’d take you on a roadtrip to Rimetea, Alba – an incredible place in my native Transylvania which.. I have yet to visit myself. It’s a village nestled between the mountains that has kept its cultural heritage and that has always worked like a magnet for me.