The Creatives: Sirma Markova

This year's theme for the Internation Women's Day is #BeBoldForChange!
One of the objectives of the worldwide campaign is to celebrate women's achievements and to applaud female role models. The idea of our Journal has always been to share interesting people from the art and design scene and you can now read 3 interviews with 3 really inspiring women - Sirma, Yana and Ellen.  

Sirma Markova is a fashion blogger and a sculptor with minimal aesthetics that we admire, always on the search for something new and exciting that can take her creative mind right to the next adventure. She's one of the first Bulgarian fashion bloggers and her style is very recognizible both in her styling and photoshoots as well as in her sculptures, some of which you can see below!

With the International Women's Day coming this week, would you share a female creative that is the ultimate inspiration for you?

Nowadays the inspiration is a click away and Vera Gotseva, or as she presents herself to the world Lomovera, inspires me daily with her captivating stories and photography of marvelous landscapes. She always manages to immerse me completely in her photographs. 
I also admire the photographer Verginiya Yancheva who captures the beauty in her images in a way that’s both simple and feminine.

Tell us more about your main job and what is the most exciting part for you? What is your favourite project so far?

For several years now I have a fashion blog which has become my main job along with my work as a sculptor or more precisely said, visual artist. These two occupations are so inseparable and connected that the inspiration flows from one to another and vice versa. The most exciting part for me has always been the strong pure emotion that one feels when a new idea is born.

Most of the projects for the blog are realized in very interesting locations that are a real challenge for me and my boyfriend. Now is the time to mention that he is on the other side of the camera and is my partner in crime. The locations often are far away and difficult to reach and since we do not own a car we carry all of the equipment (camera gear, clothes, food..) in our backpacks. The experience is fascinating and adventurous and the fact that I am able to share all of this with my loved one is precious. I’ve recently discovered that may be it is exactly this feeling that is encouraging me to go ahead without losing my initial enthusiasm. A worthy example is a photoshoot that we did last year in Thassos island. Our hotel was 15 kms away from the photoshoot location and there weren’t any buses so we had to walk with our backpacks (5 kilos each) to do the shoot and after that all the way back to the hotel.
My favourite project till now is the photoshoot in the Burgas Salterns and the Atanasovsko lake. This place is so powerful that I can’t stop thinking about it ever since I visited it and I want to see its beauty in every single time of the year. The fabulous colors and the amazing expanse of this place makes it really extraordinary. That’s why I have plans to do another photoshoot there soon.

What was the last design object you were inspired by or a current favourite you're obsessing over?

I can’t hide that I am strongly impressed by your creations. They are so close to my personal aesthetics that I fell in love from your first Instagram photo.
The trend of the big abstract and geometrical earrings is the one thing that I’m totally obsessed with for over half a year now. The reason may be that they are like miniature plastic arts for your ears. My ears are not pierced but I am tempted to purchase some, just to contemplate and enjoy them. Inspired from Alexander Calder, Picasso and other artists, they bring emotion and personal touch in the minimalistic wardrobe of every urban woman.

What are the challenges and the benefits of working as a young creative in Sofia, Bulgaria where the design scene is still developing?

Most events and projects that are being realized in the past few years, are new and interesting for Bulgaria and it looks like none of the creative spheres are overcrowded and there is plenty of liberty to express yourself and start something on your own. People are starting to respond positively which is great. On the other hand, a lot of people still can’t grasp completely new ideas and the concepts are often left misunderstood and unclear. The support offered for young artists is not merely enough compared to the one that they give to authors abroad.
Regarding blogging, I could share that in Spain for example, bloggers work with agencies that represents them and negotiate with companies. The blogger can concentrate only on the project itself and its publishing in the social medias. This simplifies everything immensely and gives a clear perspective on the blogger-company relationship. I would be really glad if there is a similar agency here.        

We've been following your blog for a few years now. What is the most valuable thing about having a blog in your opinion? What are the best things that happened to you thanks to it?

I am really happy to hear that you follow my blog for so long. My answer may surprise you as it won’t be focused on and explaining about new encounters and possibilities that occur when you start a blog. Of course, that is always an integral part of the experience, but I believe that the most valuable aspect of having a blog is that I am actually in charge of everything – from the overall vision to interesting collaborations. I have worked for a company where I was a part of a team and it was completely different. There are things that you don’t particularly like but you have to compromise so in the end you comply with others. On the contrary, for the content of my blog I don’t do any compromises and if I don’t like something then it isn’t featured on my site. It is my personal creative space that I keep fiercely because it is my name under every project.

It is a place where I can share and develop all of my versatile skills, part of which I acquired during the work for the blog. I start to explore and expand my horizons beyond my usual interests.

How important is to work in a team or to collaborate with other creative?

Although I already mentioned that I like to be able to make decisions on my own and to work alone, the team work and participating in collaborations is extremely important, especially in the area that I work in. It allows me take part in diverse projects and meet people that I share genuine interests with.

Is there something you've learned from your experience so far that you feel is important to share with young people just starting their careers?

I wouldn’t dare to give guidance to anyone, but speaking from my personal experience so far, everything requires time, patience and consistency. Keeping the identity of the initial idea is also really important.

You can find Sirma at her blog, facebook and instagram