The Creatives: Ellen Nevrokopska

Ellen Nevrokopska is a studio manager at MARINA London and one of the cool kids that always knows all the latest trends - from the new hip cafe with a superb latte to where to shop for the coolest gifts.

We’ve decided Ellen to be the first Creative that we’d introduce here in our brand new journal not only because she’s one of the biggest 05 Studio supporters but because she has inspired, supported and influenced us in a creative way through the years. Her interactive design project ‘CHROMA’ brought the fashion graduate collections in Bulgaria to a new level. You can check it out here.

Ellen is currently based in London and we’ve asked her to share some tips about the trendiest places and the local art and design scene.

Which are the coolest spots/places in London you would take us to?

I personally love East London, everyone knows how hip Shoreditch is - my favourite weekend routine is to have coffee from All Press on Red Church Str, breakfast at Morito (they do amazing Moroccan pancakes) and later walk trough Columbia Flower Market and Broadway Market, finishing the day walking alongside the Regents canal. Angel is my favorite evening location with restaurants such as Rok - I love this Swedish restaurant for its amazing smoked/grilled food (the best sweet potatoes with horseradish and creme fresh). 

What’s the last design item you were impressed by?

I am pretty obsessed with architecture, so it’s buildings I’m inspired and impressed by. I love Nowness’ series “In Residence” - everything is captured beautifully!

It seems like there is a constant hype around London. In your opinion what makes it a great place for people who work in the design field?

I think it’s very inspiring how there are so many different people with insanely interesting stories from all around the world. You never know who you will meet tomorrow. I am amazed how quickly information and trends are passing trough us (but in a better way) - people here love being informed about culture and art. 

What is the latest event or exhibition you liked?

Regarding exhibitions - I could just walk around galleries and museums and could find inspirations in (almost) everything. I love Tate Modern - just walking around gives me joy. I haven’t been to the new Design Museum and really want to go there knowing that I will love it. 



You’re working for a very inspiring fashion brand MARINA London and taking part in The Basic Store ( a biannual pop-up store showcasing some of the newest trendy fashion brands ).
What are the trends in how people shop or how the retail has been changing in the last years?


The Basics Store is a wonderful experience and a project I am very proud to be part of. I have met so many wonderful people - designers and clients, we have created beautiful spaces that people love to visit. I think London is so versatile that in the different parts of the city there is a different clientele. We are concentrated more in the east part of London where people are more artsy, with a sense of design, who love walking around, enjoying small things in life. There are also many tourists that love seeing a different side of the city. I have noticed that people love supporting young independent brands who work with only the best materials and have a story to tell. I can’t say people now are focused only on fashion - it’s more like a whole "manier de vie". We are gathering designers in the field of fashion, homeware design, perfumes and lifestyle magazines such as Cereal and Openhouse. 

What is the most exciting and rewarding part of your job?

I am so grateful that I learn new things every day! Working in MARINA London, alongside the designer/director of the brand, I do my best to think the same way she is. We are all different,
but after all the brand is a very well synchronized machine and we have to be on the same page. Seeing that people like the products and our content makes me extremely happy.

There quite a few challenges for an emerging young Creative, what are the most valuable things you’ve learned so far?

I’ve learned not to rush - it won’t save time. Never force things, if you feel like it’s not the right thing then just don’t make yourself doing it even if it sounds tempting. If you don't feel like it, listen to your guts. 
Take your work and your time seriously - this is something I am still trying to learn too. Being confident in what you do (even if you don’t have that big of an experience) will make you more respected, so never underestimate yourself
and take your own opinion seriously. Time is also precious - young creatives are doing a lot of unpaid work that takes so much time. Sometimes we need to learn to say no - after all, living in London is quite pricey.  

And of course don’t be afraid of making mistakes and do your best to learn out of them. Everyone knows all of that but experiencing it, makes it a much more valuable lesson.